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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Would Time Travel Feel Like? (Excerpt from HIGHLANDER UNDONE)

Less than a week until HIGHLANDER UNDONE releases!!! What do you think it would feel like to time travel? I think it would be almost painful... Below is an excerpt from the book in which Moira is experiencing time travel for the first time. Enjoy!

(**Note, cuss words were symboled out for this excerpt, but are present in the book!)


The USA Today Bestselling Highland Bound series continues in Book Five -- Highlander Undone. 

Continue Ewan and Shona's tale... And find out what happened to Rory! 

With Logan and Emma away from the castle, Shona and Ewan are left in charge. The passion of their honeymoon is interrupted by an unexpected visitor seeking revenge on Rory MacLeod, who leaves them in desperate need to find the missing man. Unbeknownst to them, Rory has been transported to the future, where he is reunited with his long lost love, Moira, twin sister to Shona. Their attraction to each other still burns bright. As fate would have it, the four of them end up on a journey through the Highlands in an attempt to clear Rory's name, and solve the mystery behind Moira and Shona's birth. Passion. Love. Adventure. Danger. And a little bit of humor.

A picture I took at Urquhart Castle--the inspiration for
Castle Gealach in the Highland Bound series.


...the moment she turned around, the room started to pulse in an out, as though some unseen force pressed in on her space. Her foyer started to fade. The faces of Rory, Shona and Ewan, too. What was happening? She put her arms out, bracing for a swoon. But she didn’t feel faint. She felt… heavy. As though she wore a suit of rocks, holding her in place and pushing her down. Her vision blurred, and then the space around her turned black. She screamed, falling forward, and reaching out her hands to brace herself but not landing. From somewhere off in the distance she could hear Rory and Shona calling to her, telling her to remain calm. To breathe easy. How the hell did they expect her to breathe easy when the world around her had literally disappeared? Then she heard Shona’s panicked words, muffled, and the soothing tones of Ewan as he tried to comfort her.
“What the hell is happening?” Moira cried. Was it an earthquake? Did a bomb rock their street? Oh, poor Mrs. MacArthur! Not even her broom could save her from this.
There was wind, like a tunnel. Birds. Then nothing. Then birds. Then nothing. Then wind and the rustling of… Were those trees? Trees?
They didn’t sound at all like the small trees on her block… No, this rustling sounded like the great oaks of the Highlands where she liked to hike in the Cairngorms.
The blackness started to fade, and nausea kicked in as the world around her continued to pulse. Faster and faster. The world grew brighter. She felt like she was being birthed—as gross and weird as it was—as if she was being pushed from one world to the next. But that was impossible.
They must have drugged her. Must have done something. This was all a setup.
And then she was falling forward again, growing intense, and she had just enough time to brace herself as she landed in warm grass.
There were several thuds around her. She didn’t waste time in scrambling to her feet, shoving off the ground as though it were on fire. Grass. Trees. Brush. She was in the woods. The bloody woods! She turned in a circle—okay, it was a clearing in the middle of the woods. No signs of civilization.
“What the f@*& just happened?” she shouted, not one for cussing normally. But whateverthef@*& just happened warranted a lot of f@*&ing cussing!

HIGHLANDER UNDONE © 2016 Eliza Knight

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