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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Castle Window View & Excerpt from Highlander Undone!

Highlander Undone, Book 5 in my Highland Bound series will be releasing in one week! Today I'm sharing with you an excerpt of the opening chapter!


The USA Today Bestselling Highland Bound series continues in Book Five -- Highlander Undone.

Continue Ewan and Shona's tale... And find out what happened to Rory!

With Logan and Emma away from the castle, Shona and Ewan are left in charge. The passion of their honeymoon is interrupted by an unexpected visitor seeking revenge on Rory MacLeod, who leaves them in desperate need to find the missing man. Unbeknownst to them, Rory has been transported to the future, where he is reunited with his long lost love, Moira, twin sister to Shona. Their attraction to each other still burns bright. As fate would have it, the four of them end up on a journey through the Highlands in an attempt to clear Rory's name, and solve the mystery behind Moira and Shona's birth. Passion. Love. Adventure. Danger. And a little bit of humor.

A view of the Loch Ness from inside Urquhart Castle--the inspiration for Castle Gealach
in the Highland Bound series. Imagine Shona here!


Scottish Highlands
Nearly spring, 1544

Winter had been quiet. Too quiet.
Shona Fraser ran a finger over the frost-slickened stone outside of her bedchamber window, the crystals melting in the wake of her heated fingertip. Below, in the courtyard, the castle was slowly coming to life. The blacksmith and tanner, the armorer and the fletcher, all trudging toward their work huts, their footsteps leaving prints on the frosty ground. Servants stumbled their way toward the castle, their breaths puffing in clouds. Workers headed toward the fields to tend the thawing earth.
Spring was coming. The days were growing warmer. No longer was a fur-lined mantle required unless the sun had set.
A misty film covered the ground as the sun slowly burned off the remnants of frost. Within a few hours the rising sun would warm the air by twenty degrees or more.
Why, just yesterday, Shona had traipsed barefoot in her small medicinal herb garden, though not for too long.
“It’s quiet,” her husband Ewan said, coming up behind her. He pressed his lips to her bare shoulder, his hands sliding over her hips, settling into place.
Moments like this, tender and comforting, made her pause and give thanks. A slow smile crept on her lips as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. She knew all too well that precious moments such as this could be shattered like a hammer hitting glass. “Our enemies have been hibernating just like the animals.”
“Aye. With spring dawning, they will soon awaken.”

Shona nodded, leaning her head back and reaching up to dredge her fingers in her husband’s luscious hair. “But maybe we dinna have to awaken just yet."

HIGHLANDER UNDONE © 2016 Eliza Knight

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