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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Congratulations to the Highlander's Touch Flash Giveaway Winners!

I want to thank everyone so very much for entering in my
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Daily Prize Winners:
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Friday -- Outlander DVD: Brenna Ash

And now for another surprise! I decided I wanted to give
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Runners up will receive a free Eliza Knight ebook of your
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Words in History

Words Used in History
  • diehard- This word originated in the 1700's and it referred to when a man was executed by hanging and he would struggle the longest
  • irs-This is how the word ass originated.  The meaning was defined as the back end to anything not just animals.
  • toilet- Originated in France and was used to refer to a small towel
  • hus- In Old English this word meant horse.
  • wiffman-An Old English word that was used for the term woman

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 21 thru March 28

What Happened This Week in History?
  • March 21, 1617- Pocahontas died while in England with her husband, John Rolfe
  • March 22, 1904- First color photo is published in the London Daily Illustrated Mirror
  • March 23, 1970- Mafia boss Carlo Gambino is arrested
  • March 24, 1898- First automobile is sold
  • March 25, 1916- Women are allowed to attend boxing match
  • March 26, 1986- Guns N' Roses was signed to Geffen Records
  • March 27, 2007- NFL owners voted to make instant replay a permanent officiating tool
  • March 28, 1797- Nathaniel Briggs patented a washing machine

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Castle of the Week: Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle

It has been awhile since I did a castle of the week post! This week's castle is Urquhart Castle, situated on Loch Ness, in Inverness (Scottish Highlands).

It also happens to be the castle I based my fictional Castle Gealach on in the Highland Bound series.

I was so excited to finally tour the castle on my last trip to Scotland, as the previous year, we'd arrived  about five minutes late and weren't allowed in. So, finally, victory!

Over 1500 years ago, the site where the castle stands now was originally a Pictish stronghold of a nobleman. The site has been the center of many military battles, especially in the medieval era where it saw nearly 500 years of strife. In 1296 it was captured by the English and then fought over for many years between the Scots and English during the fight for Scottish Independence. After Robert the Bruce's death, Urquhart was one of the only Highland castles remaining under Scottish control. Soon after came the MacDonalds--Lords of the Isles. They fought for the castle against the Scottish crown, back and forth, back and forth. In 1509 the castle was given to the Grant Clan to maintain and hold. It was during this time, the Grants built Grant Tower. The MacDonalds continued to lay siege and raid the castle until the mid-1500's.

By the 1600's the Grants had essentially abandoned the castle, though they continued to make repairs to it until about 1623. In the 1640's Lady Grant was forced to flee from the castle when it was besieged by Covenantors who robbed her and the castle. During the Jacobite Rising, Urquhart was garrisoned with government forces who supported William and Mary and they were able to hold out against the Jacobites. When the last of them left, they blew up the castle on the way out so that it could never be used as a military fortress again. The castle soon fell into decay and in 1715 the Grant Tower collapsed during a storm. In the 1800's that the castle was deemed a noble ruin, and finally in 1913 the care of it fell to the national trust who maintains it today. Urquhart is one of the most popular Scottish historical sites--and the home of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

Below are some pictures I took while there!

A trebuchet

View of the castle from the visitor center. You can see what a large fortress it was. Beyond it, see the loch and mountain.

I don't know who the woman is :) But this is a pic of the  gate house.

I took a pic of Grant Tower while standing on top of the gate house.

An arrow slit window.

Standing inside the bailey, you can see the Grant Tower over the hill.

Ripples in the water of Loch Ness--do you think its Nessie?

The door to the prison.

Circular stairs in Grant Tower.

A room inside the tower.

One of my favorite pics that I took at the castle--isn't the view breathtaking through this window?

Looking at the collapsed wall of the tower.

Me at the gate :)

Eliza Knight is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical romance and erotic romance.

When Shona saves a warrior from an ambush, she feels compelled to heal his wounds. But when Ewan wakes, he ignites a desire in her she yearns to embrace. Staving off loneliness for years, she let's herself indulge in a night of passion, sinking into the splendor that is this Highlander's touch.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prize Week!


All this week is Prize week in celebration of the release of HIGHLANDER’S TOUCH
Every day this week on my Facebook Page, I’ll be posting a different prize you can win! All winners will be announced on Saturday.
Hop on over to my Facebook Page to check out the prizes and how to enter each day's giveaway! You have until Saturday morning to enter!


  • Monday: 2 sets of Jamberry Nails
  • Tuesday: $25 Amazon GC
  • Wednesday: $25 ITunes GC
  • Thursday: Chocolate Tier! Tons of sweets to satisfy your cravings :)
  • Friday: DVD set of Outlander Season 1

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 14th thru March 20th

What Happened This Week in History?

  • March 14, 1950- FBI's "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" program begins
  • March 15, 1937- First blood bank forms in Chicago, Illinois
  • March 16, 1963- "Puff the Magic Dragon" was released by Peter, Paul, and Mary
  • March 17, 0461- Bishop Patrick, St. Patrick died.  Ireland celebrates this day in his honor
  • March 18, 1931- Schick, Inc. displayed the first electric shaver
  • March 19, 1953- The Academy Awards aired on television for the first time
  • March 20, 1891- The first computing scale company was incorporated in Dayton, Ohio

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moon Magic by Eliza Knight

I love poetry, always have. It was one of my favorite subjects in school. I don't profess to be a poet myself, but I do dabble from time to time. When writing HIGHLANDER'S TOUCH, I decided that I wanted try writing a little prelude to the story as a poem. It as a challenge, especially when I chose to do it in Haiku.

But here it is! And I'm pretty proud of it :)

Moon Magic

Eliza Knight

When thunder crashes
And lightning illuminates
Magic comes to pass.

Thistles sway, dancing
Purple petals and green stems
So very lovely.

Rain falls in crystal torrents
Sparkling drops on fingertips
Liquid Sustenance.

Black clouds shield the sun
Blankets the world in darkness
Takes away our sight.

The castle climbs high
Battlements touching the sky
Striking fear below.

Warriors come now
Their weapons shined and sharpened
Prepared for vengeance.

We will survive this
Surge of ruthless cruelty
For we are strong, wise.

Loneliness touches
Us all and can break hearts
Leaving us wretched.

Massaging the soul
Flexing your capacity
To accept love’s hold.

Flames burst destroying
Everything in its path
Leaving all tainted.

The evils of men
Devastate the innocent
Leaving destruction.

Do not surrender
To one who strips you, attempts
To watch you bleed dry.

Fear paralyzes
Only those who allow it
Be strong, be steady.

Afraid of being
Broken leaves one hopeless and
The future stark, bleak.

When hope does soar high
So too does joy and pleasure
Fostering courage.

Brave and courageous
Forge ahead leaving the past
And tumbling forward.

Beneath moon magic
Lovers gentle strokes bring bliss
And sweet surrender.

A precious ending
A love that shan’t be broken
By the bonds of time.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm so excited today for the release of HIGHLANDER'S TOUCH! The 4th book in the Highland Bound series! I fell in love with Emma and Logan from the first three books, but there was another character who kept speaking to me. He wanted a story of his own--to find love and romance and himself.

Meet Ewan Fraser, sexy Scottish warrior and second in command to Laird Logan Grant at Gealach Castle. And introducing Shona our feisty, independent healer heroine!

Ewan is a bad boy. A naughty warrior with a healthy appetite for lassies and battles. He's got a few demons lurking inside that seem to be tamed when he falls under the care of Shona.

But Shona has a secret, a secret she's not even fully privy to. Ewan makes her dream of things she didn't think she'd ever have, including his steamy kisses.

Here's a little excerpt... A first kiss. My favorite!

Finally finished caring for his wounds, Shona cleaned up the extra linens and medicinal salves. She glanced at her patient and was startled to find that his heavily-lidded blue gaze was fixed upon her.
“Ye’re beautiful.” A genuine smile curled his lips.
“Thank ye,” Shona murmured, heat filling her face.
Goodness, but was the warrior going to flirt with her while he lay injured upon her bed?
“Where am I?”
She flicked her gaze back to him again, noting that he was attempting to sit up, his brow wrinkled and lips turned down. Hands outstretched, she rushed forward and gently pressed him back onto the bed, trying to ignore the strength in his shoulders, despite his current condition.
“Do not move. Ye are safe here,” she soothed.
“Is this your home?” He coughed then grimaced, the movement obviously causing him pain.
“Aye.” She brushed his hair from his forehead. “Ye should lay still else your bandages come unraveled.”
“What is your name?” He touched the bandage wrapped around his forehead and then the ones on his chest.
She watched him, prepared to swipe his hands away if he tried to undo the bindings. “Shona. Yours?”
“Ewan.” His voice was stronger when he said his name.
Confident he’d not try to sit up again. Shona fixed him a soothing tea that would help ease his pain, keep fever at bay and make him sleep. She carried the cup forward and spooned drops into his mouth slowly so that he didn’t choke. He parted his full lips, taking in the drink she offered.
“I’m not a bairn, I can drink on my own,” he grumbled after the fact.
“Aye, I know ye can, Ewan,” she said in a mollifying tone, then guided his hands to grip the cup, though she stayed close in case he needed her help.
As she’d noticed with some of her past charges, they didn’t like to feel as though they’d completely lost all their faculties. What harm would it do allowing him to feel he had some strength left?
She studied him while he drank. His skin was pale, his lips white. He’d lost a lot of blood and the only thing that would bring it back was sleep, her herbal tisanes, and, when he was strong enough, some food.
“Rest well, warrior,” she whispered, taking the cup from him.
But as she backed away from him, he gripped her arm and tugged her forward, his fingers sending a sizzle of something exciting rippling through her.
The cup fell from her hands hitting the floor and she gasped as he pulled harder, making her sprawl over his chest. Lucky for him, at the last minute, she was able to brace herself on either side of his arms so she wouldn’t injure him further. Daft man!
Intent darkening his roving stare, a wicked tendril of heat shot through her, hitting every part of her body that she yearned for him to touch: lips, neck, breasts, thighs… slick sex.
“I’ll rest better once ye kiss me,” he rasped.
Her gaze met his cloudy one. The man was feverish. Mad from his wounds.
“We canna. Ye’re hurt,” she tried to argue, even as she leaned closer.
“What will a kiss do?” he asked.
But Shona wasn’t sure if he, or even she, really understood the depth and breadth of that question. What would a kiss do? So very much.
Shona pressed her lips together, prepared to tell him nay, that they would never kiss, but he didn’t wait for her to respond.
Warm lips brushed over hers. Soft and sweet. And even in their softness, something intense flared inside her. She gasped, and that moment when her mouth opened, he slid his tongue along the seam of her lips and then inside to tease the tip of her own.
“Ewan,” she murmured. “We—”
But the stubborn man didn’t let her finish. His hand threaded through the hair at the back of her head, holding her prisoner as he deepened the kiss, tangling their tongues and not allowing her to speak.
It was beautiful, delicious, so wanton. And she loved every single wicked stroke.
She would have kissed him all night into the next morning if she could.