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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Release Day: HIGHLANDER UNDONE! (Plus Excerpt)

It's finally here!!! So excited for you all to read the next installment in the Highland Bound series! In the last book, Highlander's Touch, we learned about Rory, but we never got to meet him! It's time to find out where he disappeared to!

Check out another fun new excerpt from the book!


The USA Today Bestselling Highland Bound series continues in Book Five -- Highlander Undone. 

Continue Ewan and Shona's tale... And find out what happened to Rory! 

With Logan and Emma away from the castle, Shona and Ewan are left in charge. The passion of their honeymoon is interrupted by an unexpected visitor seeking revenge on Rory MacLeod, who leaves them in desperate need to find the missing man. Unbeknownst to them, Rory has been transported to the future, where he is reunited with his long lost love, Moira, twin sister to Shona. Their attraction to each other still burns bright. As fate would have it, the four of them end up on a journey through the Highlands in an attempt to clear Rory's name, and solve the mystery behind Moira and Shona's birth. Passion. Love. Adventure. Danger. And a little bit of humor.

View of Edinburgh from my room--plus a little bubbly :)
© 2016 Eliza Knight


Present Day

Everything was loud. Very loud.
Rory MacLeod resisted the urge to cover his ears as he slowly stood and turned in a circle.
The smells… They were from another world. Smoke, but not like that of the peat fires he was used to. Cooking, but oddly oily. And ale. He smelled that, too.
Searing pain seeped through Rory’s head, from one end to the next. He reached up to touch his temples, rubbing at the sensitive flesh covering his skull.
What in bloody hell happened?
He blinked opened his eyes to see that the world was dark, but not.
The sky above his head was black, dotted with a few sparkling stars and the occasional wisp of a cloud. But it should be completely dark, and yet the world seemed lit up by lights.
He was back.
Suddenly on alert to what he thought might have happened, the pain in Rory’s head grew, but he shoved it aside. Leaping to his feet, his leather boots thunked on the stone walkway. He reached for his sword at his hip, but it was gone, and he sort of remembered having yanked it from the scabbard when he’d first started to travel, believing he was under attack.
With a glance up and down the street, he took in the looming city buildings, and the lights that shone artificially inside and out. People were laughing and chatting. Carriages—nay automobiles?—whizzed past. There was an occasionally shouted, “Wanker!”
Turning slowly, he made out Edinburgh Castle, lit up in blue on the north side of the Royal Mile.
Dressed in his traditional Highland garb, he wouldn’t be out of place with the other men who paraded themselves for these oddly modern people wearing the strangest clothes he still couldn’t fully fathom—and this his second journey here. Their limbs were covered in fabric. It was neither hot nor cold.
JourneyLord, but that word made it sound so normal. So usual for a man from the year 1541 to pass through time and land here, on the cold stone, five hundred some odd years in the future.

HIGHLANDER UNDONE © 2016 Eliza Knight.

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