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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Setting Behind the Highland Bound Series

I'm a very visual writer. I like to see the scene in my head, like a movie. So when I'm doing research, I like to gather pictures of the places. If I can go myself, I will. Sometimes I find alternatives to the places I'm writing about, and other times I find pictures in research books and online. For the Highland Bound series, because its time travel, I made up my own castle -- Castle Gealach -- but I based it on Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness. Below are some of the inspiring pictures for the series!

A view of Loch Ness from the castle, and the lands beyond.
© 2016 Eliza Knight 

The top of an arched doorway at Urquhart.
© 2016 Eliza Knight  

The main gate of Urquhart Castle.
(I don't know the person in the picture)
© 2016 Eliza Knight 

A forest! This was taken new Dunstaffnage Castle.
 © 2016 Eliza Knight 

Standing in the ruins of Urquhart looking toward the tower.
© 2016 Eliza Knight  

An arrow-slit window at Urquhart. © 2016 Eliza Knight 

This is a window inside Urquhart Castle, and I used this for
the scene in my book where Moira, Emma and Shona are looking at the bailey below. © 2016 Eliza Knight 

Circular stone stairs at Urquhart Castle.
 © 2016 Eliza Knight  

This is actually a creek in Maryland, where we went on a hike!
But it was so pretty and the woods so inspiring, that I've used
this image for when my characters stop to water their horses. © 2016 Eliza Knight 

Urquhart Castle, the Loch and the mountains beyond. Isn't it gorgeous? © 2016 Eliza Knight 


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