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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top Ten Reasons Time Travel Would Be Awesome!

One of the reasons I like to write historical fiction so much, is because it allows me to theoretically time travel. Yes, if time travel were real, I'd be ALL over it. I would miss the internet (because I'm probably addicted), my cell phone, hospitals, showers and deodorant. BUT I would get to SEE so much that smelly armpits, the threat of death and no connection to the rest of the world would be worth it. For a few days. Then I'd have to go back home until the next time...

Me at Edinburgh Castle--pretending I was in another era!

Here's my: Top Ten Reasons Time Travel Would Be Awesome!

10. To see the land before it was industrialized and artificial light brightened the night sky.
9. To see what ancient grains are actually supposed to taste like.
8. To see a king or queen riding in procession through the town.
7. To wear the clothes!
6. To taste their wine!
5. To see the castles the way they really were.
4. To meet William Wallace, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, and every other amazing person that has changed history.
3. To see blackbirds jump out of a pie.
2. To attend a feast and dance and drink and be merry!
1. To experience life the way it was back then, and to meet the people I spend my days with.

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