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Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Week in History 9/14 - 9/20

Time for your weekly history lesson!
What happened this week in history?

September 14, 1716: First light house in the colonies is lit in Boston

September 15, 1514: Thomas Wolsey was appointed the Archbishop of York under the reign of Henry VIII.

September 16, 1701: The Jacobite claimant to the throne, James Francis Edward Stuart, the "Old Pretender", declares himself King of England and Scotland.

September 17, 1849: Harriet Tubman escapes slavery for the first time with her two brothers in Maryland.

September 18, 1809: Royal Opera House opens in London after being rebuilt.

September 19, 1676: Rebels under the leadership of Nathaniel Bacon set fires in Jamestown, VA that burned the colony to the ground.

September 20, 1519: Ferdinand Magellan sets in an effort to circumvent the globe.

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