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Friday, May 22, 2015

Words in History

Then and Now Definitions of Words Used in History
  • defecate
    • then:  to purify something
    • now:  discharge feces from the body
  • elongate
    • then:  to remove or move something
    • now: make something longer
  • flabby
    • then:  damp or clammy
    • now:  soft loose flesh
  • heartburn
    • then:  jealous or full of hatred
    • now:  form of indigestion
  • keister
    • then:  suitcase or satchel
    • now:  person's buttocks
Erotic Word of the Week

Well endowed/large penis
  • womb bruiser
  • clarkoid
  • baby's forearm
  • beer can
  • rippled yam

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