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Monday, May 18, 2015

Erotic Historical Words

This is a list of erotic words (some more historical than others) used to describe sex and related body parts.

This week words related to women:

  • flopper stopper
  • sheepdog
  • tit-pants
  • lung-hammock
  • front suspension
Desirable Woman
  • haveable
  • beddable
  • oomphy
  • doe-like
  • table-grade
  • beefbox
  • vicious circle
  • nodder
  • fireplace
  • jam donut
  • have one's granny
  • have the painters in
  • stub one's toe
  • fall off the roof
  • entertain the general
  • firebell
  • poker breaker
  • rib
  • sergeant major
  • cows and kisses

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