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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How Victorian Evolved into Steampunk

For those of you interested in the Victorian era and Steampunk, today's guest blogger has written us an interesting piece, what do you think?

How ‘Victorian’ Evolved into ‘Steampunk’

The golden period of Victorian age is still remembered by the Europeans and their American descendants. This was the phase of development, which put impact on the people of today also. This era belonged to the industrialization and urbanization. Some new inventions were done in that period. The steam engine was invented just before this era. It created awareness among the people about science and technology.

The people’s craze about steam energy was on the heights in that period. So, a lot of new things were fantasized about running through steam energy. Some famous writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne wrote  science fiction literature. The specialty of such novels was that all things would run through steam energy. Time machines, gadgets, gears, and a lot of other such things have been fictionalized in the books of that era. Such literature provided us a new insight about the history. We found an alternate history, which actually never took place.

Another type of literature came in the limelight in or near the Victorian age, which we know today as gothic literature. This literature used to believe in horrific capabilities of science and the existence of supernatural events. In some manners, it was similar to the science fiction literature mentioned above, but still there was a big difference. The above mentioned literature was based on inventions in harmony with humanity. On the other hand, gothic concept was based on the negative impacts of industrialization and capitalism.

When the modern era began, it took the influence from Victorian period in several aspects. The advent of Hollywood film industry presented the Victorian age in a new way. The classics were made, which were based on the science fiction themes of the period of Queen Victoria. Such themes have developed a new subculture, which we know today as steampunk. That was a superb time of steampunk clothing. This word was derived from steam energy. Besides, some new plots on the same concepts were written, which enriched this punk culture. “The Time Machine”, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “Steampunk Lincoln” etc. are some of the films on this theme.

Moreover, some more things with this theme came in the limelight such as steampunk comics, clothing, and so on. The punk clothing became the fashion statement of the people of today. This clothing has acquired the Victorian style and added new Hollywood punk style to it. Moreover, gothic trends have also impacted on this genre. The modern dress sense had also been added to this genre.

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