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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Historical Romance Review: A Perfect Knight for Love by Jackie Ivie


Deep in the Scottish Highlands, a stalwart clansman and a wayward bride confront duty and desire…

A Man Of Misfortune

With his reckless, drunken brother bringing ruin to the clan, and the lass he’s loved all his life in the clutches of a violent husband, the last thing Thayne MacGowan needs is a spirited, sharp-tongued damsel to contend with—no matter how enticing she may be…

A Woman With A Secret

Having narrowly escaped an objectionable arranged marriage, Amalie is starting a new life—with a new identity. But her freedom is cut short when a surly but irresistibly handsome Highlander is forced to take her as his bride. If only he knew who she really was…

An Unlikely Love

Fate designs an improbable match, and a battle of wills ensues. As Amalie struggles to protect her identity, Thayne finds himself fighting for an unexpected love—and a passion neither can refuse…

ISBN: 978-1-4201-2400-2
On Sale Date: September 4, 2012
Kensington, Zebra -- Paperback


Ms. Ivie has penned a compelling, passionate tale of adventure, love and loyalty. Amalie and Thayne are larger than life, each with their own views on how the world should work--which just so happen to conflict with one another.

Amalie, a lady born of English Society, takes on the disguise of a governess, escaping an unwanted marriage. She travels to Scotland to become a governess--which seems all well an good, but the clothes are not what she'd prefer! Literally, she lands in the arms of the hero and is swiftly thrust into a dangerous adventure. Highlanders, battles, enemies, lies. All of it, and she does the best thing she knows how--acts her way out of it, or so she thinks. In fact, she'll end up embroiling herself further.

Thayne is a seasoned warrior, a tougher than tough Highlander, who seems to undergo an immeasurable amount of pain both physically and emotionally and still can be gentle with his heroine. He owns every page he graces. A bit brutish on the outside, inside Thayne has a heart of gold--even if he doesn't believe Amalie is who she says she is.

Great descriptions of castles, decor, clothing, the Scottish countryside. The scenery was vivid and truly popped.  This was a nice escape story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Ms. Ivie's work.

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Margaret Duarte said...

As a reader with a busy schedule, I appreciate how you review Jackie Ivy's book in such a compact, yet complete, way. I admire Jackie's work. It's entertaining, informative, and hard to put down.