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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Historical Book Review: When Love Won't Die by K. Lynette Erwin

I'd like to welcome our new reviewer, fellow historical romance author and good friend, Kathleen Bittner-Roth, to History Undressed! I'm excited to have Kathleen onboard, and hope to bring you many more reviews!


So Faithful A Heart: When Love Won’t Die is the continuing saga of the woman who Mozart vowed would own his heart forever, and the story of the man who tries to steal her heart from him. Set against the background of one of the most turbulent times in Western Europe, When Love Won’t Die gives you a window into the lives of some of the greatest and most colorful men and women in history!

So Faithful A Heart: When Love Won’t Die, the exciting and passionate sequel to So Faithful A Heart: The Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart, by author, K. Lynette Erwin.

Available in a Special Combined Edition, including a specially rewritten and re-edited version of So Faithful A Heart: The Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart from Amazon and Smashwords.


Grab a box of chocolates, a cup of tea and curl up in your favorite chair because K. Lynette Erwin is about to draw you into the inner world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his mistress, a famous English singer. Ms. Erwin is so adept at moving you into the lives of her characters there’ll be times when you might actually blush, feeling as though you shamefacedly stand behind a screen in the very room where Mozart and his secret mistress carry on their affair of the heart. 

The love story between Anna “Nancy” Storace and Mozart begins in Book I, To A Faithful Heart, but here, in Book II, lies the captivating tale of Nancy’s life after she returns to England and leaves Mozart behind in Vienna. While awaiting a reunion, Mozart writes Nancy love letters that fan the flames in her fiery soul causing their love affair to linger on long after she departs the Continent.

But life is rocky on both sides of the English Channel. In Vienna, we find Mozart desperate and struggling to support his spendthrift wife, Constanze, and their brood of six, while he pines away for Nancy, his “Wanze” (little bug). In England, an intelligent, well-educated, but flamboyant Nancy matures into a fiercely independent and wealthy woman—the darling of Drury Lane. Star-crossed lovers, Nancy and “Wolfgango”, as she adoringly calls him, share a bittersweet love that defies time and space.

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Jenna Myhre said...

Interesting.. Haven't read much about Mozart but I may have to look into this one.