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Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!  So, I'm re-posting a blog I wrote for Victoria Gray's blog earlier this summer.  Enjoy!

How to Write a Pirate Hero

This summer saw the release of my very first pirate story, and I had a blast writing it—not to mention the research. Before your mind starts wondering to the bedroom—which yes, those scenes are fun to imagine and write—I’m talking about acting like a pirate! I like all of my stories to be as authentic as possible, and when you are writing a pirate story, there is a certain amount of language and actions that must be incorporated into the story to make it more realistic.

Here are some examples of pirate speak I used to make my story sound more authentic. I have also translated for fun!

“Avast, ye wretches, down ye go, else prepare to feed the fish!”

Attention, prisoners, please exit the ship via the gangplank, or I shall be forced to throw you overboard where you shall be made into a meal for sea creatures.


“Might be best to toss her to the sharks.”

Perhaps instead of letting her live, it would be best if we killed her and let the sharks eat her.

“Avast, men! You landlubbers! Back to the ship! We sail within the hour or I shall see you to Davy Jones!”

Attention please, good crew! My wonderful ship workers! Let us board the ship. We will sail within the hour, or I will be forced to sentence you to an eternity at the bottom of the sea with the devilish ghost of the heartless Davy Jones.

What are some other things you need to make your pirate story authentic?

~A ship of course (which I described on my last post here) or at least the need to get one’s ship, like the sexy Jack Sparrow we all know and love… sigh…

~A crew. Every pirate captain needs a crew!

~At least one peg leg, and some eye patches. A pirate story is just not complete without them.

~A pirate flag for your ship, to put fear in the minds of those you intend to dominate.

~A sword fight.

~A hot pirate captain–which you will most definitely find within my novella, A PIRATE’S BOUNTY. Captain Wraith Noir is totally drool worthy! He can capture me anytime! Here is an brief excerpt from the story when Faryn first lays eyes on him:

Faryn chanced a glance above her and was taken aback by what she saw. A man dressed completely in black, from shining leather boots leading to mid-calf, black leather breaches, black linen shirt and cape. His face was darkly tanned, lips covered by a neatly trimmed dark beard on his chin and a mustache. Hard gray eyes stared out at her from beneath raven brows. His hair was not pulled back but left to hang to his shoulders in sleek black locks, and atop that black head was a black cap, various accoutrements attached to it. Beyond beads, feathers and bones, she couldn’t make out more of what hung from his cap, nor did she care. She was sure she stood staring directly at the devil.

~ Said pirate captain, must: swagger, be full of confidence, have a wicked smile, kiss sinfully and have a tortured past.

~ And of course, what kind of a pirate story would it be if our sexy dread pirate didn’t find a lady to love?

Some great links to visit if you’re writing a pirate story are the following:

The Pirate’s Realm: http://www.thepiratesrealm.com/
The Pirate King: http://www.thepirateking.com/
Pirate Info: http://www.piratesinfo.com

A PIRATE’S BOUNTY – Now Available at Ellora’s Cave!

1764. When Faryn is captured by the mysterious and sensual dread pirate Captain Wraith Noir, who delivers her as a slave to the flesh-hungry court of the pirate queen, she expects her future will be bleak and death imminent. Lucky for Faryn, Wraith doesn’t plan for that to be her end, as he wants her for his own.

Duty, desire, passion, revenge and treachery besiege Faryn and Wraith. With the future uncertain, only fate, love and the truth will set them both free.

Reader Advisory: Contains a heroine experiencing the diverse pleasures of a pirate queen’s court, including f/f touching and scorching public sex, as well as mentions of traditional pirating endeavors.

To read reviews and an excerpt visit: http://elizaknight.com/APiratesBounty.aspx

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