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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Facts -- Regency Terminology

For today's Fun Facts post, I thought I would give you a few Regency terms and their translations... which might be a bit different than you'd expect!

~ Abigail -- a lady's maid

~ Black pudding -- sausage made with blood.

~ Bob -- slang for shilling.

~ Climbing boy -- a boy who climbed chimney's to clean them.

~ Expectations -- strong likelihood of inheriting wealth.

~ Gig -- a one-horse carriage.

~ Joseph -- a sort of old-fashioned, long riding coat for women with buttons down the front.

~ Knock up -- wake someone up by banging on their door.

~ Quiz -- a peculiar person or thing.

~ Small clothes -- knee breeches (also referring to men's undies)


Mary Sue said...

And now one wonders, what was the term for ladies' undies?

LilMissMolly said...

I'd heard most of these, but I didn't know that Joseph was long riding coat for women with buttons down the front. Thanks for sharing!
lilmissmolly1 @ gmail.com

Eliza Knight said...

@Mary Sue: Drawers, chemise, petticaots, pantaloons, pantalettes, corset... Nothing so interesting as small clothes!

@LilMissMolly: Isn't it interesting? I love finding out all these words.