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Friday, April 17, 2015

Words in History

Then & Now:  Word Definitions
  • spam
    • then:  compressed mystery meat in a tin can
    • now:  unsolicited message via email
  • stream
    • then:  body of water with a current that's confined within a bed
    • now:  constant flow of updates, photos, images, on social networking sites
  • troll
    • then:  to circulate or move around
    • now:  someone who intentionally provokes others into an emotional tizzy
  • stumble
    • then:  to lurch, walk unsteadily
    • now:  to discover, recommend, and rate Web pages
  • feed
    • then:  to give someone food
    • now:  place where everyone you've ever met posts pictures of their food, babies, and vacations

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