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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Renee Vincent's Irish Romance Giveaway!

Welcome back to History Undressed, guest author, Renee Vincent! She writes amazing Irish historical romance! Today she's here to share a bit about her books with you all! And a hot deal!!! Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter--Renee is giving away 5 books to 5 readers!

Thank you so much Eliza Knight and History Undressed for having me today. It’s such an immense pleasure to be here and share with your readers my great news.

As you all may know, Monday was the feast day of St. Patrick. But what you may not have realized about the world renowned holiday is that it’s also the release day of my Emerald Isle Trilogy BoxedSet! Pretty cool, huh?

What makes this boxed set even more special is that it contains three full-length historical romance novels for only 99 cents! And yes, it’s only offered at that price for a limited time, so in order to score this great deal, you’ll need to act fast.

To give you some background on the books, I’ll first start with where it all began: Ræliksen, book one of the trilogy.

This book is about a charismatic Viking chieftain and warrior, Dægan Ræliksen, who falls in love with an Irish princess, Mara. It’s no surprise that the Irish kings of the 10th century didn’t care for the invading Northmen who took over many of their ports. But historically, they also banded together to try to rid them from their shores once and for all. Mara’s father, the king of Connacht, was one of the thirteen kings who gave thought to joining this campaign. However, his daughter falls prey to another band of Vikings set on war with the Irish. Dægan must save her from these ruthless men, while trying to win her father’s favor. Therein, lies the major conflict for book one.

Book two, Mac Liam, is about an Irish hunter, Breandán Mac Liam, (whom we meet in the first book), and who is also in love with Mara, but from afar. She doesn’t know him as he’s just a common man. This book begins seven years after the ending of the first, and still the Irish hunter cannot rid the beautiful princess from his heart.

While the first two books are about two very different men who love the Connacht princess and the lengths they are willing to go to ensure her safety, the third book, The Fall of Rain, takes place in modern times when a Norse archeologist traces his Scandinavian roots back to Ireland. Not only does he unearth some very prominent artifacts from beneath his island cottage (that the reader will recognize from the first two books) but he’ll also come in contact with an American female tourist who’s on vacation. Through their encounters, she stirs up some pretty uncanny emotions for him—as if he’s known her once before.

In book three, I bring the characters (and even the reader) full circle in a very unique and heartwarming fashion. Each book of this unforgettable trilogy ends with a cliff-hanger and many unexpected plot twists that continue to tangle the web of this intricate love triangle. Only in the final book, will every unknown be ultimately revealed for the best “Happy Ever After” ending of all time.

It took three long years to research and write these books so dear to my heart and now they’re finally together in one boxed set. So without further ado, I present to you my blood, sweat, and tears—literally. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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Renee Vincent said...

Eliza, it's such a pleasure to be back here at History Undressed. Thank you for being a lovely host and supportive chapter mate. I'm so grateful to you!

Susan P said...

Great post! The first thing that pops into my head is the long ships coming ashore. Who knows why except maybe that is what we were always taught in school about Vikings. :)

knye said...

Blonde hair and muscles!

Renee Vincent said...

Susan: I think about that too...and coincidentally a hoard of vikings coming ashore is the first scene of the book.

Kyne: Blond hair and muscles is the best, isn't it? Oh how I'd love to go back in time and see it first hand.

Thanks for dropping by ladies!

Unknown said...

Runes! I work with runes, and love the Viking lore. Still, the thought of a long ship pulling into my bay would chill my blood. Best of luck with your sales, Renee! I'm off to get my copy of the trilogy now!

Renee Vincent said...

Gemma, thanks so much for participating in my giveaway. And extra thanks for purchasing your copy.

So you say you work with runes...tell me more!

The Viking Princess said...

I'm flying to London tomorrow. I'm going to the viking exhibit at the Britsh Museum. I'm so excited!!!

Unknown said...

Sexy hard bodies with lots of muscles! :)

Renee Vincent said...

Oh, Viking Princess, you're killing me! I can't believe you're going to the Viking Exhibit without me! You better take lots of pictures and send me a few :-)

I'm so happy for you! What a great day that'll be!!!

Renee Vincent said...

Christy, you and I have a lot in common when it comes to the first things we think of. Thanks for participating in my giveaway!