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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cerne Abbas Giant...aka The Giant Penis Man

Nestled in the hills of Dorset England is a ginormous man--and penis.

The other night the DH and I were surfing through popular shows on Hulu, when we came across Kim Cattrell's Sexual Intelligence. Never one to pass up on an opportunity to learn about the human body, I selected it (alas, I did not finish it...got too tired). I was pleasantly surprised when she stood on the 8-foot-long phallus of this giant--how in all of mankind had I missed this??? Have you heard of it?

It is a monument in England, seriously!!

According to the National Trust site, the figure is believed to be Hercules carrying a club...and wearing one too it seems, lol.

He is 180 feet tall. The outline is trimmed and chalked. Local folklore places the giant as an ancient figure. You can see in the picture, that there is an earthen square above his club. This is the Trendle, dated from the Iron Age, so who knows when the man sporting an enormous erection showed up. Could have been the Iron Age, or the ancient Romans who had no problems baring all, could have been a prank some couple hundred years ago from which rumor turned to folklore and we're staring at the penis drawn by some drunken dandies one night. No one knows for sure.

The fact of the matter is--in Dorset England, there is a huge chalk figure with a thoroughly engorged penis, and I have just added it to my list of things I must see!

If you care to visit the site, here's a link.


Unknown said...

We need to take a field trip :)

Eliza Knight said...

Tara, I'm all over that idea! When??? lol

Anonymous said...

This is a must see. Let me know when you plan to go.

Eliza Knight said...

Absolutely Ella!!!

Unknown said...

Anyone know his number? Seems a hot-air balloon or dirigible is required though to fully appreciate this site of historic largess...