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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Historical Fiction Review: Rebel Heart by Caroline Wilson

This historical fiction review was completed by Callie Hutton, one of History Undressed's wonderful new reviewers! 

About the Book

Julienne Dalton’s privileged existence is shattered when her family’s plantation home is burned and her father murdered by Union soldiers. Desperate for justice, she is drawn into a Confederate spy ring after overhearing important battle plans. But when Julienne meets Alexander Caulfield, a charming British expatriate, she begins to question her desire for vengeance.

They marry after a hasty courtship and only then does Julienne discover that Alex is in the employ of the enemy. Heartbroken and fearing for her life, she escapes the country, bound for Europe. But she must be on her guard at all times for now she is the one with a dangerous secret. Alex could find her at any moment and if he does—will it be to rekindle the brief passion they shared or to exact revenge for her treachery?

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My Review

During the Civil War, Julienne Dalton is left an orphan when her father is killed and she is burned out of her home by Union Soldiers. In an attempt to assuage her father’s death, she becomes a spy for the Confederacy. But she never counted on meeting Englishman, Alexander Caulfield, on a mission of his own.  Their quick courtship results in marriage, but both carry secrets that can destroy the other.

I must admit it took me a while to get into Rebel Heart. For some reason the author has chosen to write this tale in both first person and third person, switching back and forth as the story progresses. I found it jarring, and never really got used to it.

However, this is a wonderful story with strong characters, and a riveting storyline. Julienne is everything a heroine should be, and Alexander compliments her perfectly. Rebel Heart is the type of story that tears at your heart, bringing all the human emotions to the reader. I laughed, cried, and felt deep sympathy for the suffering of Julienne and Alexander.

I strongly recommend this book, and look forward to more of this talented author’s work. Well done, Ms. Wilson.

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