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Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Workshops Presented by Eliza Knight for 2012

"He said/She said" -- Writing Fictional Dialogue

(1/9/12 - 1/23/12)

Learn the mechanics of writing dialogue, and how to make your character's conversations pop.

  • Craft/mechanics of writing dialogue
  • What to write and what not to write
  • What moves the story along
  • Tags/action tags
  • Mixing dialogue with action/narrative
  • Making character GMC shine through speech
  • Viewing indivual personality traits/morals/values through speech
  • Weaving backstory into dialogue
  • Dialect
Multiple lessons, exercises and critiques provided each week. Your readers will be able to "hear" what your characters are saying.


S.E.X. -- Writing the S.ensual E.vocative X.perience

(1/23/12 - 2/6/12)

Writing love scenes can be some of the hardest (no pun intended) prose to create. By the end of this workshop you'll know how to write love scenes like no other! (This workshop is intended for both mainstream romance and erotic romance writers, and writers of mainstream fiction!) In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Sensual language/body part terms
  • How to make your scenes come alive with sensory details
  • Weaving emotion into love scenes (the scenes have to move the story along, no gratuitous sex!)
  • Making each scene unique to the characters and the story
  • The mechanics of the body (ie... anatomy & positions)
  • Getting yourself in the "sex" mind-set
  • Dialogue in love scenes
  • The differences between mainstream romance and erotic romance
Multiple lessons, exercises and critiques provided each week.

***Warning! Be prepared... this class comes with an advisory. It will get dirty... It will be fun. It will be an interesting experience. You will write better sex.
Each workshop purchased individually is $15 or you can purchase both at a discounted rate of $25.
Click HERE to register.

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