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Monday, December 5, 2011

Callie Hutton Presents an Early 20th Century Interview with her Characters

Today History Undressed would like to welcome guest author Callie Hatton, who has written up a special interview with her hero and heroine from A Wife by Christmas!

August 11, 1906: The Guthrie Sentinel, New Community News, Page Two

The Guthrie Sentinel is proud to introduce our readers to Mr. Max Colbert, the new Principal of the Logan County High School.

Reporter: The former principal, Mr. David Robinson, had been in that position for quite some time. Do you anticipate making changes now that you’ve taken on the job?

Mr. Colbert: I have gone through files Mr. Robinson left behind, and spoken to several teachers. It does appear some changes are needed, particularly with the staff.

Reporter: Will you be letting some teachers go?  Is that the changes you anticipate?

Mr. Colbert: Not at all. I’m re-thinking our list of acceptable teacher activities. Several pursuits do not reflect well on the teaching community. It is important that we represent ourselves with dignity and decorum.

Reporter: Are there any activities in particular you would like to see abandoned by your teachers?

Mr. Colbert:  One of our teachers is actively involved in Women’s Rights’ movements, which is totally inappropriate for a teacher of young minds. There are other things as well, which we’ll deal with one at a time.

Reporter: Do you anticipate any problems with the changes you plan?

Mr. Colbert: Not at all. I’m sure all the teachers will be happy to have a strong leader guiding them, and encouraging them to put forth their best efforts both in and outside of the classroom.

Reporter: Well, we certainly wish you well in your endeavor.  Thank you for joining us today.

Mr. Colbert:  Thank you.  I look forward to a productive year.

August 11, 1906: The Guthrie Sentinel, Spotlight on Our Citizens, Page Three:

Today we interview Miss Ellie Henderson, History teacher at Logan County High School, and spokeswoman for Guthrie branch of The Women’s Rights Movement.

Reporter: Miss Henderson, how does your activities with the Movement fit with your job as teacher?

Miss Henderson: Quite well, actually. Our Principal, Mr. Robinson, is very supportive of our activities. He encourages us to think for ourselves and embrace whatever causes we see fit.

Reporter: Are you aware that Mr. Robinson has retired from his position at the high school?

Miss Henderson:  I heard rumors to that effect at the end of last term, but I don’t think it will make any difference to our Movement.

Reporter: Suppose your new principal is not supportive of your activities?

Miss Henderson:  I don’t see that as a problem, sir. I’m sure our new principal will be just as accommodating as Mr. Robinson has always been. Men are much more enlightened in the new century.

Reporter:  If any of our readers wish to join your organization, where can they find you?

Miss Henderson: We meet every Tuesday at the Library at eight o’clock. We welcome all those interested.

Reporter: Well, we certainly wish you well with the Movement, and your teaching career. Thank you for joining us today.

Miss Henderson:  Thank you. I look forward to another year of instructing young people and opening their minds to the benefits of equal rights.


Max Colbert and Ellie Henderson are about to start the school year. By December, sparks are flying. Will they resolve their differences? Or has the school become a battle ground between two stubborn combatants?

A Wife By Christmas, available now from Soul Mate Publishing will answer those questions.  www.soulmatepublishing.com

Visit my website: www.calliehutton.com for more information on the book, which is a sequel to A Run For Love, also from Soul Mate Publishing and available now.


Guthrie, OK
November, 1906

            Max Colbert glared at the woman perched on the edge of the chair across from him.  History teacher Ellie Henderson had been a thorn in his side the size of the Oklahoma sky ever since he’d been appointed principal of Logan County High School three months ago.

            She sat there, humming. Humming! His gut twisted and he clenched his jaw.  Drat the woman for being so unconcerned while he fumed.  It was important to get his emotions under control, needed his years of experience to kick in.  He took a deep breath and leaned forward.

            “Miss Henderson, your unapproved activities have gone too far. I am going to have to fire you.”
            Ellie’s right eyebrow rose, meeting him glare for glare. “No. You can’t.”
            “Yes I can, and I am.” Blood rushed to his face.
            She stood and placed both palms on his desk, and leaned in. “I will tell my Uncle Jesse.”
            Max pushed his chair back and got to his feet. He moved close enough to see the light dusting of freckles across her nose. “It won’t make any difference.”
            “It will if you plan to be Territorial Superintendent of Schools.” They were now almost nose-to-nose.
            Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. “I will get that job on my own merit.”
Not without Senator Jesse Cochran’s endorsement.”  Her hazel eyes narrowed.
His jaw tightened, his mouth working as if to say something. Then like a rag doll, he collapsed into his seat and leaned back, eyes closed. “Miss Henderson, you are a pebble in my shoe.”
            “And you, Mr. Colbert, are a horse’s behind.”
            He opened one eye. She again sat primly on the edge of her seat, adjusting her skirts.  The two red dots on her cheeks the only indication of her anger.
“You may leave now,” he said through gritted teeth.
            Ellie bowed her head slightly. “As you wish.” She stood, smoothed back the hair always loose from her bun.  With head held high, she sailed from the room, closing the door softly. Her skirt stuck in the door. She re-opened it, yanked the skirt and banged the door shut.
Max winced at the sound, his left eye twitched.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Ellie and Max. I would love to hear from you. One commenter will receive a free download of A Wife By Christmas.

Callie Hutton


Callie said...

Thanks so much for having me, Eliza. I appreciate it.


christine warner said...

Great interview! Love your characters!

Congrats on your releases and MUCH MUCH success to you and your writing :)

Callie said...

Thanks, Christine, and back at you for your success. I appreciate you stopping by. First as usual.


Ally Broadfield said...

What a fun way to introduce your characters and set up the conflict to come. Can't wait to read this!

Callie said...

Thanks, Ally. It's a fun book, too. Nothing serious. I think you'll enjoy it. Glad you stopped by.


Neecy said...

Great interview girls! Callie, I hope you sell a ton of copies!

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Thanks, Denice. I'm glad you stopped by, and I hope you're feeling better.

Ceri Hebert said...

Terrific interviews! I really like Ellie's spunk! Poor Max! Well done, Callie!

Callie said...

Thanks, Ceri. Poor Max, indeed. He should have just left Ellie alone. His life will never be the same. And FORGET his life plan, lol.

Thanks for stopping by.