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Sunday, April 17, 2011

WORKSHOP: History of Underwear

The History of Underwear

Presented by Eliza Knight

1-Week Intensive Online Course: April 25th – May 2nd
Cost: $10.00

The subject of underwear is one that fascinates the human mind, and a fashion that is forever changing. From the time when leaves covered the private parts—at least in paintings and statues—to today’s bits of lace and tighty-whities, there seems to be an ever evolving ideal of what should go underneath our clothing.

The class will explore the fabrics and styles that have covered our nether-regions from medieval times through the Victorian era, and their functions.

During the class, pictures and a downloadable handout will be available to students, as well as exercises.

To register to take the class with Eliza Knight's Workshop Group, which will be conducted via a private yahoo group, please click this link for further instructions and payment: http://elizaknight.com/HistoryofUnderwear.aspx

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