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Monday, April 26, 2010

Historical Romance Review: Uncertain Magic, by Laura Kinsale

I had the pleasure of reading New York Times bestselling author, Laura Kinsale’s enchanting re-issue of Uncertain Magic.

From the publisher…

First released in 1987 (Avon), Uncertain Magic is a fabulously rich romance showcasing Laura’s trademarks: a tortured hero, a unique heroine and luxurious storytelling.

From the back cover…

A man damned by suspicion and innuendo

Dreadful rumors swirl around the impoverished Irish lord known as “The Devil Earl.” But Faelan Savigar hides a dark secret, for even he doesn’t know what dreadful deeds he may be capable of…

A woman cursed by the gift of “sight”

Roderica Delamore fears no man will ever want a wife who can read his every thought and emotion, until she encounters Faelan. As the two find their way to each other against all odds, Roddy becomes determined to save Faelen from his terrifying and mysterious ailment. But will their love end up saving him…or destroying her? A breathtaking historical romance filled with poignancy, darkness, love, and an unexpected twist of Gaelic magic…

Available Now from Sourcebooks!
ISBN: 9781402237027
Trade Paperback, Historical Romance
My Review…

Readers will be swept away by Uncertain Magic. This enchanting tale takes us back in time and to a place filled with Gaelic magic: Ireland. Anyone who has ever visited the Emerald Isle can feel the power and energy that fairly radiates from its depths, and Kinsale captures the essence of that magical entity perfectly between the pages of her latest re-issue.

Uncertain Magic takes place in the late 18th century, and I do believe that the author has captured the time period well in her writing. The details of the setting, sensory, language, clothing, and historical happenings of the time were well researched and put forth in the story.

With a name like Faelan Savigar, you know you’re in for a dark, sexy, intriguing hero. And from the very beginning pages, my mouth was watering for the dark haired Irish lad. But he’s got a secret, and Kinsale keeps you second guessing, giving hints, until the very end! A true intrigue into this hero’s background. He’s also got the power to love, and love with all his heart. He’s funny, smart, witty, and boy does he have a few tricks up his sleeve!

Roderica Delamore, “Roddy” has a special talent, or “gift”, that I’d love to tap! She can sense others thoughts and emotions. But not just of people, animals too. She can hear your inner most thoughts and reactions, feel your pain, joy and confusion. Because of her special talent, she is afraid that no man will ever want her. Men and women alike fear her. Her eyes alone tell you she can read your soul and it frightens people. They don’t treat her the same, but like a freak--even when they don’t know what her talent is. Poor Roddy, just wants someone to love her for who she is and not what she can do. When she meets Faelan, there is something different about him. He doesn’t look at her the way others do. From him, she actually feels desired, loved… and you hope their secrets won’t destroy them both.

If you like a bit of magic mixed in with your romance, I suggest reading this book. It was a nice, quick read that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

About the Author…

Laura Kinsale, a former geologist, is the New York Times bestselling author of Flowers from the Storm, The Prince of Midnight, and Seize the Fire. She and her husband divide their time between Santa Fe and Dallas. For more information, please visit her brand new website, www.laurakinsale.com.

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