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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Regency Ship Captains

Goodmorning History Lovers!

Today I have the honor of guest blogging at Risky Regencies! I'm talking about the life of Regency ship captains. Come on by to read about their lives, learn about terms we use today that orginated as Naval terms and see some interesting pictures.

I'm also giving away a copy of HER CAPTAIN RETURNS to one lucky commenter!


Here's a sneak peek:

In light of my recent Regency release, Her Captain Returns, part of my Men of the Sea series, I thought I would take today to talk about Royal Navy Captains in the Regency era. Let us travel through the hero of my novella, Captain Ryder Montgomery’s training, and life at sea.

Ryder was born the second son of an earl, and from his earliest days, had a penchant for the sea. It was only natural for him to join the navy at the age of thirteen as a mid-shipman. He certainly did his share of scrubbing the deck and tying knots, but when he was a little older he was allowed to take care of the log line, and sometimes delegate sailing duties. By the age of twenty, he was promoted to Lieutenant, and by 23, was Captain of his own ship, HMS Conqueror.


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