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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HIGHLANDER UNDONE: Excerpt of a first kiss

Happy Hunk Day :) 

Today, I'm sharing with you an excerpt of Moira and Rory's first kiss in this tale, from my new release, Highlander Undone! Good thing its winter, because you just might need to step outside to cool off...

When time pulls you in so many directions,
which arrow of Fate will you choose?
© 2016 Eliza Knight


“My love life is none of your concern,” Moira seethed.
“Ye love him?”
She groaned, remembering the one annoying trait of his that he took everything so literally. “That is also none of your business.”
Rory stepped forward, one muscular leg in front of the other, the rising sun hidden behind his incredible height and the air between them being sucked away before she could breathe.
“What if I make it my business?” His voice had grown deeper, more gravelly, the way it had right before he used to drag her toward his hard body and kiss her until she couldn’t stand up straight.
Moira stepped away, trying to catch her breath. She had to think, had to remember why she’d stalked out here in the first place instead of calling the cops, but there he was, the heat of his body flush to hers, his fingers sliding behind her neck, and his mouth descending. She could do barely more than tilt her head back, part her lips, watch as he closed the distance between them and finally he was kissing her. Every inch of her screamed in revelry, in merriment for what she’d dreamt about the past three years.
The scent of him, spicy and male; the taste of him earthy and sensual. His tongue slicked over hers. She couldn’t help but touch him, press her hands to his chest, breathe him in deep. He groaned, deepening the kiss, and Moira answered with a sound at the back of her throat that was a half-moan, half-whimper.
He pressed her back against the door, his body enveloping her in warmth and seduction. His arousal, thick and hard, pressed to the crux of her thighs.
And that was when she remembered she wanted to get away from him, that he’d up and disappeared after making her believe he’d loved her for over three hundred and sixty-five days. Moira pressed her hands to his chest and pushed.
“Stop,” she gasped.
Rory dragged his mouth from hers, but didn’t let go; he touched his forehead to hers. “Anything for ye, love.” His voice was husky, his dark eyes hooded, desire seeping through his stunning dark gaze.

HIGHLANDER UNDONE © 2016 Eliza Knight


The USA Today Bestselling Highland Bound series continues in Book Five -- Highlander Undone. 

Continue Ewan and Shona's tale... And find out what happened to Rory! 

With Logan and Emma away from the castle, Shona and Ewan are left in charge. The passion of their honeymoon is interrupted by an unexpected visitor seeking revenge on Rory MacLeod, who leaves them in desperate need to find the missing man. Unbeknownst to them, Rory has been transported to the future, where he is reunited with his long lost love, Moira, twin sister to Shona. Their attraction to each other still burns bright. As fate would have it, the four of them end up on a journey through the Highlands in an attempt to clear Rory's name, and solve the mystery behind Moira and Shona's birth. Passion. Love. Adventure. Danger. And a little bit of humor.

Highlander Undone


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