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Friday, January 30, 2015

A Little Jaunt Through Edinburgh

As I sit in my office staring out the window at my snow-covered lawn, I can't help but wish it was fall and that I was back in Scotland. Here are some of the pictures I took in Edinburgh this past October!

Greetings from my room at the Fraser Suites!
Walking up the Royal Mile toward Edinburgh Castle in our search for fish and chips.

A not so great picture of Edinburgh Castle lit up in pink.

I was surprised at how empty the streets were around dinner time.

A piper piping his beautiful music.
Star Wars in kilts!!!


A thistle on our table for dinner one night!

An ale at famous The White Hart Inn!

A little info about this famous pub--founded in 1516!

I couldn't NOT take this picture!

A pic of The White Hart Inn!
Fish and Chips!
A view of Edinburgh Castle from the sidewalk below.

Straight up the hill to the castle. I can "see" warriors making the climb!
Me in front of the main gate of Edinburgh Castle.

The main gate. See Robert the Bruce and William Wallace flanking the great doors?

A view of the town from the courtyard in front of Edinburgh Castle.

An ice cream truck in the square!

We ended every night with good 'old fashion British television. My favorite!

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Anonymous said...

Stunning & fun - can't wait to go and chase scotch and cheese on the knitting tour of Scotland in September. Uhhrrr!