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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Movie Casting for MY LADY VIPER

Every writer dreams of their book being made into a movie or television series, and I am definitely one of those writers! Even more flattering is the number of readers who've told me they would love to see MY LADY VIPER made into a movie. Watching the characters I've bled, sweat and cried over would be amazing!

If the film rights were purchased by a production company, this is who I'd suggest for the main characters... (Historical figure pics on the left, Hollywood casting on the right).

Anne "Stanhope" Seymour--Lady Viper -- played by Lena Headey

Edward Seymour--Anne's husband and brother to Queen Jane Seymour--played by Eric Bana

Anthony Browne--Anne's lover and a courtier in Henry VIII's court--played by Henry Cavill

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey--my villain, Anne's tormenter--played by Oliver Coleman


King Henry VIII--played by Kevin McKidd

Queen Jane Seymour--played by Rebecca Ferguson

My Lady Viper is available for purchase now in print/ebook/audio.

When Anne Boleyn falls to the executioner’s ax on a cold spring morning in 1536, Anne Seymour knows her family faces peril. As alliances shift and conspiracies multiply, the Seymours plot to establish their place in the treacherous court of King Henry VIII, where a courtier’s fate is decided by the whims of a hot-tempered and fickle monarch.

Lady Anne’s own sister-in-law, Jane Seymour, soon takes Anne Boleyn’s place as queen. But if Jane cannot give King Henry a son, history portends that she, too, will be executed or set aside—and her family with her. In desperation, Lady Anne throws herself into the intoxicating intrigue of the Tudor court, determined to ensure the success of the new queen’s marriage and the elevation of the Seymour family to a more powerful position. Soon her machinations earn her a reputation as a viper in a den of rabbits. In a game of betrayal and favor, will her family’s rise be worth the loss of her soul?

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