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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today is Tartan Day!

Today is Tartan Day--a celebration of Scottish heritage.

On April 6, 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath was signed--a declaration of Scottish Independence.

At the time of signing, the Pope recognized Scotland as ruled by Edward I of England (aka Longshanks) in 1305. The Declaration claimed that Scotland was to be an independent country and proposed to lift the excommunication of Robert the Bruce (placed by the Pope in 1306 when Robert stabbed John Comyn to death on the altar at Greyfriars--John was the son of the previous ruler of Scotland), naming him the monarch of the country, but also declaring that they never wanted to be under English rule.

The people of Scotland had this to say within the declaration regarding Robert the Bruce: "To this man, in as much as he saved our people, and for upholding our freedom, we are bound by right as much as by his merits, and choose to follow him in all that he does."

Tartan Day is celebrated all around the world with festivals, music and a love of Scotland and its culture. The pic to the right is Sean Connery celebrating Tartan Day in Washington, D.C.

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