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Monday, September 30, 2013

Words to Live By -- 9/30/13

A new weekly series on History Undressed... Words to live by! Fun word facts :)

This week I'm focusing on Shakespeare! I dare thee to use the words written below (which were also used in his works)... and realize how we still use them today.

  • blabbing -- revealing secrets, tell-tale, indiscreet
  • fast and loose -- not playing fairly (type of cheating game)
  • hempen -- clothing made of hemp, rustically attired (found this particularly interesting since hemp is back "in")
  • piece -- (among other definitions) piece of artillery, fire-arm.
  • slack -- as in slack off, put off, neglect, postpone

*Definitions used from Shakespeare's Words: A glossary and language companion by David Crystal and Ben Crystal.

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