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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Castle of the Week: Blair Castle

This week's castle is Blair Castle in Scotland. I chose this castle because it plays a part in the 3rd book of my Stolen Bride series--The Highlander's Lady. Blair Castle is the home of my hero, Laird Daniel Murray.

The earliest known buildings of the castle date back to 1269, and is known as Cummings or Comyn's Tower. The tower was added to in the 16th century, which is mostly what you'll see today.

The castle was first built by John Comyn--and it wasn't actually his land! He started building while the Earl of Atholl, the actual owner, was away at battle. Naturally, when the earl returned and complained to the king, the tower was given back to the earl. Comyn died a few years later. I guess he supposed the land was fair game since the overlord was away. When the overlord is away...the land interlopers will play... Okay, that was lame :)

The Earl of Atholl, did not however retain his castle long. In fact, he lost his lands to Robert the Bruce when he rebelled. My hero, Daniel is a huge supporter of the Bruce. In fact, he fights alongside him, and his lady--my heroine--Myra Munro, saves the Bruce's life.

Here's where history twists a little in my book. The castle didn't actually come into Murray hands until the 17th century, but for the purposes of my story's setting, I moved that up just a teensy bit (like 400 years...), but as an author, I take creative license to do it. Hope there are no hard feelings!

Today, you can visit the castle for a day tour, camp out, stay at a lodge, have a wedding or function there, enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, have lunch--any number of things.

Take a look at the beautiful gardens:

Photograph © Blair Castle

Photograph © Blair Castle
Photograph © Blair Castle
Its so majestic, almost like it was built for fairy tales. I'm thrilled that in about a month, I will actually get a chance to visit this castle in person! I will of course post pics from my trip.

Have you been to Blair? Is it on your list of places to see?


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Magda Alexander said...

When I visited Scotland in 2007, we stopped at Blair Castle, and yes, it's just as breathtaking as it looks. Thanks for sharing, Eliza!

Anna Usain said...

Blair Castle really is breathtaking. We stop by everytime we're in Scotland. It's beauty just doesn't fade with years.