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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sexuality in Art from Ancient Rome

Given last week's "scandalous" discovery of the Giant Penis, I've decided to give you something else equally naughty. Today I give you ancient Roman erotic art... Often naughty, sometimes comical. The Ancient Romans were not abashed by sexuality. They embraced it. Put it up on their walls, wore it around their necks. Sex was out there, in your face.


Satyr and nymph, mythological symbols of sexuality on a mosaic from a bedroom in Pompeii

Southern wall of room 43 (Cubiculum) in the Casa del Centenario (IX 8,3) in Pompeii,
1st Century. Fresco of couple in bed.
Fresco from Pompei, Casa di Venus, 1st century AD. Dug out in 1960. 
It is supposed that this fresco could be the Roman copy of famous portrait of Campaspe, 
mistress of Alexander the Great

Fresco of Priapus, Casa dei Vettii, Pompeii. Depicted weighing his enormous erect penis against a bag of gold.

Erotic Scene from the eastern side of the southern wall of the Lupanar. Roman fresco in Pompeii.

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