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Monday, October 22, 2012

Historical Romance Review: Captured Heart by Heather McCollum

Today's historical romance review of Heather McCollum's book CAPTURED HEART was written by Emma Westport!


Fleeing with only her bow, horse, enormous pet wolf, and the cryptic clues hidden in her mother’s medicine journal, healer Meg Boswell gallops north towards freedom, running from the man who falsely accused her mother of witchcraft. Cursed with magical healing abilities, Meg knows that if she’s captured, she will die like her mother—atop a blazing witch’s pyre.

Winter winds rip across the Highlands, pressing Chief Caden Macbain forward in his desperate plan to save his clan. He’s not above using an innocent woman to bargain for peace if it keeps his clan from starving. But Meg isn’t who Caden thinks she is, and when she kills a man to save the clan, he must choose between duty and her life. For although he captured her to force a peace, Meg's strength and courage have captured Caden's heart.

Published with Entangled Select, Sept. 2012
Available in print and ebook


Set in the Highlands in the late 16th century, Captured Heart offers all that is best in historical romance—adventure, love and a happy ending brushed by magic.

Meg Boswell is a healer, a young woman haunted by her mother’s death.  Isabel Boswell was betrayed by her husband, Rowland Boswell, and burned as a witch.   Now Boswell, a rich, powerful man, wants to force a marriage on his daughter and he’s not above threatening Meg with charges of witchcraft if she tries to refuse.  Meg flees to the Highlands, hoping to find shelter with her mother’s sister and to prove her father’s treason.

Caden Macbain is chief of the Macbain’s, a Highland clan facing a rough winter.  Their crops have been burned, their cattle stolen and people will  certainly starve if Caden can’t end a century old feud.  He hopes to do that by kidnapping Meg Boswell and using her to negotiate a truce with the warring Munros.

Threatened by petty jealousies, warring clans and the competing claims of kings and religions, Meg and Caden struggle to save themselves and those they love from disaster.  Between Caden’s strength and Meg’s magic they are all but unstoppable.

Captured Heart will draw you in and leave you enchanted.  When it comes to romance and adventure, it definitely delivers.  Well worth the read.

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