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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video of the Week: Horrible Histories -- Cliff Whiteley: Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid and Pearl Hart

In honor of my wild western romance release yesterday, I thought it appropriate to entertain you with a westernish video this week! Quite funny and educational!

Scandalous Woman  
By: Annabelle Weston

Book two in the Desert Heat trilogy.

Carly Buchanan knows who and what she is. She’s the owner of the Lonesome Saloon, a bawdy place in the harsh West where any man can have his darkest desires fulfilled—for a price. But life at a saloon isn’t easy. After hearing too much one night, Carly is caught in the middle of a deadly dispute. Now no-accounts are shooting up the streets, good men are dying and no one will do a thing about it.

Until he comes to town…

Sheriff Jeddah Poole is lethally serious about cleaning up Tucson. But he can’t stop thinking of Carly’s bright eyes and passionate nature…or the way her lush curves feel pressed beneath him as he takes her again and again and again. In a town on the brink, caught in a divine passion they can’t escape, Jed and Carly have only each other to rely on. And only their love can help them survive.


Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...


You have the BEST videos! LOL! And good luck on many sales!


Eliza Knight said...

Thanks Sharon!!!!

It is a lot of fun screening all the diff videos to choose one too :)