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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucinda Brant Giveaway!

Today is lucky Monday! One commenter today will win the Roxton Series ebook bundle from Georgian romance author, Lucinda Brant! I love all of these books. Ms. Brant has a special way about her writing. Her characters are unique, fun, interesting, and her writing not only shows her depth and grasp of history, but is sensually sweet and will leave you feeling warm and satisfied!

The bundle includes:

Noble Satyr
Book One
France and England in the age of hedonism and enlightenment.
A green-eyed beauty is abandoned at the court of Versailles.
The predatory Comte de Salvan plots her seduction. An all-powerful adversary snatches her to safety. But is he noble savior or a satyr most despicable?

Midnight Marriage
Book Two

Twelve-year-old Deborah is married off at midnight to sixteen-year-old Julian, the handsome but volatile heir to the Roxton Dukedom, who then disappears from her life. Nine years later, Julian returns incognito to consummate his marriage before Deborah is seduced into bigamous wedlock with his nemesis half-brother. When Deb rescues and falls in love with the wounded duelist Julian Hesham, she does not suspect the stranger with the emerald green eyes to be the Marquis of Alston and her husband. After the honeymoon Deb discovers the appalling truth and that the Marquis of Alston is wanted by French authorities for seducing the innocent daughter of a Farmer-General. Can the handsome stranger with whom Deb spent ten wonderful weeks truly be one and the same as the nobleman Polite Society has branded a rakehell? Will Deborah forgive Julian’s cruel deception?

Can their marriage survive beyond seduction?

Autumn Duchess
Book Three

A beautiful duchess mourns for her beloved.
A sun-bronzed merchant returns to claim a birthright.
Disparate souls in need of love and renewal.
Paths cross and the journey begins...

Set in Hampshire, England 1777, this is the story of Antonia, Dowager Duchess of Roxton, and how she emerges from utter despair after the death of her husband and soul mate to unexpectedly find love again.

Visit Lucinda at her website.
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Leave a comment with your email address in order to be entered to win! The drawing will take place on Friday!


Renee said...

These look wonderful! I have never read any of these and am now off to find them.

Unknown said...

I ♥ Georgian-era romances. Thanks for a chance to win these books. I've never read this author. Her novels sound really good.


Eden Summers said...

Wow, you have talked these books up really well in just a few short words - I definitely want to feel 'warm and satisfied'.

They look great.

riverinaromantics (at) gmail (dot) com

The Romanceaholic said...

I love Georgian romance! Thanks for the giveaway!

romanceaholic at gmail dot com

Kitchen Witch of the West said...

Oh My! Those all sound completely delicious! It is so nice to have more Georgian romances out now. The Regency can only be enthralling for a certain amount of time. Era hopping for HEAs is much more fun.


MJ Campbell said...

Just finished Noble Satyr and it was wonderful. Very vivid writing you could just picture all the scenes. Looking forward to reading more!

grenoble7 at gmail dot c0m

bcrocks said...

All three books are awesome!! I would love to win them.....so I can give them to a friend as a gift. I know she would love them as well.

Anonymous said...

These books have been on my To-Be-Read list for months! I am looking very forward to reading these!
I hope I win!

dominachi15 at hotmail . com

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh wow, the books look great! I am just stunned by the synopsis of Book 2. Now that, I simply must read.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Margay Leah Justice said...

I read Salt Bride and loved it. I'd love to win these!


Kitchen Witch of the West said...

Do we know who won? or am I looking in the wrong spot?

Eliza Knight said...

Sorry for the delay folks!

And the winner, drawn by random.org, is.... Jena Lang! Thank you all so much for participating!!!

Lucinda Brant said...

Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway of my Roxton series, Eliza.
And thank you to all who entered to win, and for your lovely comments.
They are very much appreciated.
Congratulations to Jena!!!
I'll be contacting you via separate email so I can send you your ebook bundle ASAP!