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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Historical Romance Review: Legacy by Jeanette Baker

Once again I must blame a fantastic author for my lack of sleep... This time, Jeanette Baker is the culprit and the book was, Legacy, originally published in 1996 by Pocket and reprinted by Sourcebooks this year.

I am a sucker for time-travels, and while this book wasn't your average time-travel, in that the heroine, Christina only actually traveled back in time once for a brief moment and the rest of the "traveling" were visions and dreams that played out as if she were watching the scenes, I was still thoroughly enthralled.

What made this book so fabulous, besides the writing, historical detail, believable and lively characters, sensuality and intriguing tension filled plot, was that we got to experience FOUR different time periods! For a history nerd like myself it was heavenly to get that many time periods in one sitting. What were they you ask? Besides present day, there was the 13th century, 16th century and 18th century.  FABULOUS!

Another thing I liked about this book was that it touched on an illness that doesn't get that much spotlight in fiction--diabetes. The main heroine, and the three she followed through time, all were afflicted with diabetes.

And what is a book without a gorgeous cover? Even though they say not to judge a book by its cover... we just can't help it.  I really love this cover--one of the best I've seen in a long time. It says a lot about the book with the castle in the background, the historical Scots female character and the romantic couple.

There is a lot of conjecture about the Stone of Destiny (aka Stone of Scone) and whether or not the one that sat in Westminster Abbey--and returned to Scotland in 1996--was ever truly the real thing. Rumors have traveled from ear to ear for the last seven centuries that the stone was switched with a fake when Edward I made his way to remove it from Scotland for England's coronation chair. The truth remains to be seen, and Legacy is a fantastic tale about what may have happened to the stone.

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend you add this book to your summer list! It is a definite keeper.

Book Info:

The last of the Murrays…

Christina Murray is elated to inherit her family’s ancestral home in Scotland. But upon her arrival she is confronted by her breathtakingly handsome new neighbor, Ian Douglas…and an ancient family curse that comes with the castle.

A violent legacy of passion…

Seduced by Ian’s easy Scottish charm by day, Christina dreams at night of three raven-haired beauties, ancestors who fell victim to the curse one generation after another: Katrine, the fiery Jacobite supporter who lost her heart to an Englishman; Jeanne, an accused witch; and Mairi, who shared a forbidden passion with the King of England.

Now it’s Christina’s turn to lie in that cursed bed… and loving Ian might just cost her life.

ISBN: 9781402255830
Published: February 2011
Available in Trade Paperback and Ebook

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