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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Edit Your Book in a Month Workshop

2010 is almost over!  If you've completed a novel, then now is the time to edit it.  Have that story completed and ready for submission in the new year!  The workshop begins on 12/1/10 and runs through 12/31/10. 

Eliza will present tips on editing, most common mistakes made in manuscripts, what editors and judges are looking for and show you how to evaluate the following:

Overused/Weak words
Weak verbs
Use of the 5 Senses
Tightening up those sentence
Hooks - beginning and ending
Show vs. Tell
Active vs. Passive
Goals, Motivation, Conflict
Story Development / Plot / Characterization / Setting
Inconsistencies (Ex: heroines eyes are blue in ch. 1 and brown in ch. 2)

With each new item presented, Eliza will show you how to use the information to edit your manuscript. Throughout the workshop participants will be able to post excerpts from their WIP for review and critique by Eliza and fellow classmates.

By the end of Edit Your Book in a Month, your WIP should be clean and ready for submission! The skills learned during this workshop can be used for your future manuscripts as well.

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