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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: Cold Rock River

Normally my book reviews on History Undressed consist of books with settings in the early 19th century and on back from there.  However, when I was sent the information for Cold Rock River, I couldn't not read it--and I'm very glad I did!  This book takes place in 1953, with flashbacks to the Civil War through a journal the main character is reading.

Book Blurb:

Even the best-kept secrets must be revealed…

Seventeen-year-old Adie Jenkins is newly married and newly pregnant, though not necessarily in that order. Unready for fatherhood, her skirt-chasing husband isn’t much help. But in this stunning tale that redefines intimacy, love, and family, Adie discovers hope where she least expects it: from her sweet neighbor Murphy, from the world-wise midwife Willa Mae, and in the worn pages of the diary of a slave girl—a girl who is much closer to Adie than she thinks.

Product ISBN: 9781402240041

Price: $13.99
Publication Date: July 2010

My Review:

Cold Rock River is an emotionally gripping tale that will reach and grab you from line one:  "I was five that spring Annie choked on a jelly bean."

How can you not continue reading from there?  Does Annie make it??? 

Ms. Miles did an excellent job of painting the picture of the small towns this book is set in.  The characters are simple at heart--yet the depth to which she worked on their characterization made them real, poignant, and she does so in a way that you sympathize with them.  Poor Adie (and not to mention Tempe--dear God, poor woman!--and everyone else too!) goes through--you can't even say the wringer!  One unfortunate, and horrible thing is thrown at her after another.  Just when you think she might find some peace, something else happens.  I wanted to reach into the book, pluck her out and give her a hug.

This was one of those books that had me hating certain characters, shouting out, laughing, crying.  I couldn't put it down...

Sadly, my husband had to interupt my reading at one point to inform me that the baby had just looked at me and said "Mama," while clapping her hands...  Fortunately, she did it again once my attention was broken!  Thank goodness it only took me a couple days to read the book so I didn't miss out on anything else.

Cold Rock River is a book, not for the faint of heart, but one worth reading. 

About the Author:

Jackie Lee Miles is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, Roseflower Creek and Cold Rock River. Miles tours with the Dixie Darlin's, four nationally published authors with a passion for promotion. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia and Cape Canaveral, Florida along with her husband Robert.  Visit Ms. Miles at http://www.jlmiles.com/

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