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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Wow! I had a lovely surprise in my inbox today :) Romance author, Emily Bryan sent me this very colorful blog award along with a couple rules about accepting it. I have to share my favorite 7 things and then pass the award along to 7 other blogs. So here are my 7 Favorite Things in no particular order:

1. History! Without a doubt, I love all facets of history, and can be completely arrested by documentaries, museums, books, blogs, and so much more. If it's historically related, I'm there!
2. Writing! Obviously I love writing :) Whether I'm writing a story, an article or a blog, the act of writing is very enjoyable for me.
3. Reading! I'm a huge fan of reading. Luckily my hubby shares my love of reading, and we've passed it along to our children as well.
4. Romance! Real life romance, books, movies, I just love--love!
5. My Husband! He's my rock, my man :)
6. My children! My joy!
7. Music! I love to play music, dance to music, listen to music...
Now I get the joy of paying this award forward! Here are seven blogs I find worthy of a Kreativ Blog Award, in no particular order:

1. Mama Writers - Raising kids, writing romance! Need I say more?

2. Seduced by History - A fabulous blog of historical romance authors blogging on history.

3. Chicks of Characterization - Introducing us to tons of romantic stories and authors all the time!

4. Fierce Romance - An author group blog, writing advice, fun stories, inspiration and so much more!

5. Romance University - This is a great blog with guest authors, editors, experts etc... An awesome stop for writers, authors and readers.

6. The Pen and Muse - Book reviews, guest authors, and advice on things from writing to technology!

7. Romance Roundtable - Guest authors and writers sharing their works, inspirations and advice on writing romance!

Thank you again to Emily!!!

What are your favorite blogs to visit?

1 comment:

Patricia Barraclough said...

I visit Emily's blog which is how I found your blog. Now I'm checking out Seduced by History. I enjoy history, especially the little details that are not generally known. Petticoats and Pistols has a lot of history and links for the American West.