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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Excellent Blog Awards

I just found out that History Undressed was just given an "Excellent Blog Award" by Scandalous Women (7/15).

Thank you so much, I am completely honored!!!

The blog meme was started by the Mommy Project.

Now it is my turn to pass the award on to some blogs I find excellent. It’s hard to choose because there are so many good blogs out there, but here are 10, in no particular order, that I think deserve an Excellent Blog Award:


Shannon Robinson said...

From the Author's of Author's Studio - THANKS ELIZA!! We're all huge fans of History Undressed and appreciate your nominating us for this award!!
Thanks again!
Shannon and the other gals at Author's Studio.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Wow thanks, Eliza!!! You are too kind (and too cool!) By the way, I LOVE History Undressed! I don't get over here as much as I would like, but every post I've read it superb!!
Thanks again!!
From us at Fierce Romance

Eliza Knight said...

You're welcome ladies!!!! You deserve it!

And thank you! It's all the readers who me H-U so great!

Delilah Marvelle said...

Congrats Eliza on receiving the Elxcellent Blog Award!!! SOOOOO well deserved! I always enjoy not only reading your blog but delving into your witty aspects of history. Bravo and bravo! And bloody wow about placing my blog A BIT O'MUSLIN on your personal list. *THANK YOU* *HUGS* and

Eliza Knight said...

Thank you Delilah and you're welcome!!!!

Elena Greene said...

Thanks on behalf of the Riskies!

W. A. Mozart said...

Really, words fail me! Thank you for the award and for linking to my weblog. I predict a great friendship lies ahead of us!

Twelve years of keyboard instruction? Très bon! I assume that you have kept at it and could play for me if I asked. Care to take a turn around the Circle of Fifths?

Now, do get up and fetch your salts my dear. Here is a glass of an excellent Moselle I have only just discovered.

Lidian said...

Thank you so much, Eliza!

Chicks of Characterization said...

From the CHICKS BLOG, we appreciate you nominating us for this award! I for one LOVE history undressed, have you set up on my RSS feed and look for any new posts!!! You are the best and have my deepest gratitude!!

Thank you!!!

Andrea- one of the chicks!

Eliza Knight said...

You are most welcome Mozart, cheers to a long friendship!

Delicious Moselle!

Most irritating to all who know me is that I am a personal player... But, alas... if you give me another glass of your fabulous wine, my fingers would display near perfection for any of your sonatas.


Eliza Knight said...

You're welcome Laura!

Chicks, you guys rock!

Nancy Storace said...

Oh dear, but I adore this blog! *giggle* *blush* *giggle*

Linda Banche said...

Congratulations. This blog is great, and deserves to be recognized.

I just discovered the "blog list" feature on Blogger, and added "History Undressed" to my list of favorite blogs.

Eliza Knight said...

Thank you Nancy and Linda!!

Kristi Cook said...

THANK YOU on behalf of the Lust in Time Ladies! And congrats on your blog award--much deserved!!