Above painting: Louis Jean Francois - Mars and Venus an Allegory of Peace
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History Undressed reviews published books at the request of publishers and authors.  Books are only eligible for review if they are considered:
  • Historical Fiction
  • Historical Romance
  • Have historical ties (ex: Jane Austen fan-fic; time-travel to a historical setting)
Please send inquiries to Eliza Knight at historyundressed@gmail.com

There is no guarantee that all requests for reviews will be accepted.  If accepted, you will be placed in the schedule, and a date given to you at that time.

**Federal Trade Commission Disclosure: All books reviewed at History Undressed are provided by the publisher or author for free unless otherwise indicatedHistory Undressed does not receive reimbursement for, nor are we paid in any way, for our opinions.  The reviews are written based solely on the reader's opinion as a reader, writer and researcher.**